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Revive in 5 party-meals


You Cannot Have Your Cake and Be Lean Too

YOU CAN’T HAVE YOUR CAKE AND BE LEAN TOO This pisses off the people pleaser in me. I wish I could share that you can have your cake and be lean too and one day you will. However, today, if you struggle with your weight, with food bullying you then no, you cannot have your… Learn More…

[Cooking Healthy Recipe] Mustard Maple Roasted Chicken Breasts

[Cooking Healthy Recipe] Mustard Maple Roasted Chicken Breasts

I Love Chicken Because They Have No Taste! The tasteless chicken gives you the opportunity to make chicken tasty! This creamy recipe allows you to feel decadent without bloating. Plus the ying and yang of sweet and savory allows your taste buds to party like it is 1999! The recipe is below or you can… Learn More…

Revive in 5 (Episode 2) – Willpower is for Wusses

Revive in 5 (Episode 2) – Willpower is for Wusses

WILLPOWER WON’T SAVE YOU! In fact, relying on willpower is like that bad-boy boyfriend you once had: He sounds good in theory yet when you interact, he always disappoints. View willpower like the charge on your cell phone. Without any charging throughout the day, the charge diminishes. If you are like me and have a… Learn More…

Diets Can’t Save You- Revive in 5 Episode 1

YOU CANNOT SAY DIET WITHOUT DIE! You will never find your solution within the another’s solution. In other words, DIEts are meant to be experienced and tweaked. How to turn a DIEt into your diet (a way of eating). Review DIEts of legends past and determine what you like (if anything) and what you didn’t.… Learn More…


At the end of the evening, we each leave with a cooler packed with a variety of entrees and side dishes. Most importantly, my family loves the food I bring home. Just last week, my son-in-law asked me to make the turkey meatloaf again. If you want to learn to feed your family delicious, healthy and fun meals, I highly recommend Maureen and her Mindful Meal Parties.

-Beth BachmanReliv International

I loved having an evening out with a great group of women and being served wonderful and healthy food. Afterwards the meals we prepared were fantastic and so easy. And if that wasn't enough... my family loved the meals I prepared for them from the party!

-Deborah Woods MA, LPC, NCC

Having attended a few Mindful Meal events, I'm now practicing,regularly, healthy meal prep and ENJOYING IT because of my mindset shift that Maureen has helped me with & great planning tools given at the workshops. Each event has been filled with fun & laughter AND I go home with a several ready to heat & serve ORGANIC, gluten free, sugar free meals!

-Lanette GerauIndependent Norwex Consultant

Maureen wines & dines you while we cooked a bunch of healthy meals to take home. All the food is gluten, dairy and sugar free and you can literally go every month and enjoy a different menu. I enjoyed a private party with my friends and we had a blast! Next we are working on put together a couples night!

-Diane Mason, ECCS, CSSThe Cruise Planner

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