*THE EVENING REBOOT!* Get Inspirational Text Reminders to Keep You Out of the Kitchen Cabinets and Into a Revitalized Relationship with Food.

Revive in 5 party-meals

Have you felt that food has loved you and then nearly killed you?

You are not alone!

If food and I were going to have a relationship on Facebook; I would check the box: “It’s complicated”. Food has been my best friend, my lover and my mortal enemy.

My name is Maureen Wielansky and I am a Food Relationship Expert.  I hesitate to use that word because when I hear that someone is an “expert” they are untouchable.  Here is what I want you to know: The “experts” become “experts” because they have gotten up one more time than they have fallen. Boy, I can tell you I have fallen and I have fallen down hard!  I have hated myself up the scale and loved myself down. And then, hated myself again.

When I was deep into an addiction with food, cooking was my enemy. My children grew up on McDonald’s. When I did cook, macaroni and cheese were our staples.

As I entered into recovery, I surrendered to the fact that I had to start cooking healthy. I had no clue how to start. I felt lost and embarrassed. Yet, I put on my big girl panties (literally) and walked into my kitchen.

Healing happened when I finally stepped into my kitchen, grabbed a cutting board, a knife and sliced my first onion. As the tears streamed down my face, my relationship revival with food began. As I continued to commit to cooking healing and healthy food, I began to heal how I interacted with my family, friends and with my Higher Power.

The healing happened because through the ACT of cooking:

A = Acknowledging the reality that your body, mind, and emotions heal when you feed them wholesome food.

C = Commit to stepping into that kitchen daily and creating dinner.

T = Taking action daily while suspending perfectionism.

At Cooking Healthy Academy I am right by your side as you ACT. I guide you as you create a variety of delicious and doable dinners with only a few ingredients that you can pronounce and easily find in the grocery store.

Cooking healthy dinners won’t heal unless you know HOW to use them for healing.

The HOW becomes a no-brainer when you enter into the 90 day Intu^Nutrition Training. Intu^Nutrition marries your own intuition with your best nutrition.  On day 91 you are SATISFIED with what you eat, how you look and how you feel.


Like me, Cooking Healthy Academy may give you a start, yet you need more mentoring.

Through my own dance with food addiction, I know what works for one may not work for you. I know that your needs for reviving your relationship with food are as unique as your personality. Together, we create a food revival that honors you!

For more information about Cooking Healthy Academy and other programs go here.


At the end of the evening, we each leave with a cooler packed with a variety of entrees and side dishes. Most importantly, my family loves the food I bring home. Just last week, my son-in-law asked me to make the turkey meatloaf again. If you want to learn to feed your family delicious, healthy and fun meals, I highly recommend Maureen and her Mindful Meal Parties.

-Beth BachmanReliv International

I loved having an evening out with a great group of women and being served wonderful and healthy food. Afterwards the meals we prepared were fantastic and so easy. And if that wasn't enough... my family loved the meals I prepared for them from the party!

-Deborah Woods MA, LPC, NCC

Having attended a few Mindful Meal events, I'm now practicing,regularly, healthy meal prep and ENJOYING IT because of my mindset shift that Maureen has helped me with & great planning tools given at the workshops. Each event has been filled with fun & laughter AND I go home with a several ready to heat & serve ORGANIC, gluten free, sugar free meals!

-Lanette GerauIndependent Norwex Consultant

Maureen wines & dines you while we cooked a bunch of healthy meals to take home. All the food is gluten, dairy and sugar free and you can literally go every month and enjoy a different menu. I enjoyed a private party with my friends and we had a blast! Next we are working on put together a couples night!

-Diane Mason, ECCS, CSSThe Cruise Planner

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